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AngelRoxyCo - Ion Pet Air Purifier

AngelRoxyCo - Ion Pet Air Purifier

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Tired of your pet's odor taking over your home?

Well not anymore get rid of that stinky smell that comes from our adorable furry friends.
Bid farewell to lingering dog odors and safeguard your family's health.
Our durable and remarkably silent Pet Air Purifier targets and eliminates dangerous pet allergens and stinky odors, providing you with cleaner, allergen-free air for a healthier life.

Don't rely on toxic air fresheners that only hide odors temporarily and release harmful chemicals into your home, worsening allergies.

Our USB powered air purifier utilizes a powerful H13 True HEPA Filter, strategically designed between non-woven carbon fabric and activated carbon cotton layers, ensuring maximum filter screening effectiveness. Experience the difference with noticeably fresher air in just minutes!

With a simple one-button control, you can easily switch the purifier on and off or select from 7 subtle LED light colors. For undisturbed nights of rest, activate Sleep Mode to enjoy the benefits of purified air while you sleep peacefully. Improve your life by alleviating sneezing, congestion, and other allergy symptoms caused by airborne contaminants, commonly found in pet dander.

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